Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Lebanon Hanover - Tomb For Two (2013) 

I have to say, the first time I heard this duo I was instantly blown away. Haunting female vocals over drum machine, minimal synth backgrounds, modern coldwave at its very finest. This band captures what French coldwave was yet reinterprets it into something new and exciting. They're a German duo, married couple, and I read an interview with them saying they listen to nothing but Malaria! and Neue Deutsche Welle. Out of all of the current bands doing this sound, I dare say they are my favorite. 

(UPDATE: Hotfile has been shut down, which means I've lost all of my old uploaded files. I will probably just move on to another uploader and not attempt a time consuming re-upload)

Tomb For Two

1. Sadness Is Rebellion
2. Your Fork Moves
3. Stahlwerk
4. Hall Of Ice
5. Gallowdance
6. I Believe You Can Survive (Elegy For The Introvert)
7. Tomb For Two
8. Autofocus Has Ruined Quality
9. Midnight Creature
10. Invite Me To Your Country
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