Sunday, December 1, 2013

Sean Faircloth - Can Religion Justify Bullying Children? (2012)

While sitting around the Thanksgiving table, the most loathsome activity that always comes up is the ritual "Thanksgiving Prayer" always lead by the most devout believer of the clan. I bite my tongue, usually stare straight forward with eyes wide open, taking note of who takes the ritual seriously and speculate which ones are the secret atheists going along with the ride for diplomacy's sake. I'm fine with sitting silently through the ritual as long as I don't have to bow my head, clasp my hands, and/or close my eyes. Since I have the capability to separate reality from fantasy play-land, I feel most offended for the children that have no choice and a limited ability to understand the world. Not only can they not refuse to participate, their squishy, sponge-like brains are being primed for a life of unquestioning servitude. Religion forced upon children is child abuse, a reality which has no proof for existing is being hoisted upon their minds. The guilt and shame of sexuality, the inferiority of women, all of the near-universal bigotry and falsehood of religion is shamelessly taught as "the virtue of faith".



  1. That's funny I do the same thing. Next time we should sit together, look at each other and roll our eyes together with whomever is watching us!

    1. Hah! I was actually tempted to demand that I lead the prayer. It was going to be totally nice and normal then I was going to quickly say at the end "Dark Lord bless us, amen." Then see if anyone noticed.